Living on a tight budget is the reality most Americans face in a time when the economy is slow to revive itself. This may preclude you from being able to order the best contact lens brand that you were previously accustomed to using. Even though times are tough, and spending limits are certainly prudent, there are all types of alternative retail outlets that offer low prices on high-demand eyewear.

Typically, only an optician can write you a prescription for corrective devices, and sites can only accept orders that are accompanied by one. You can either relay your prescription information over the phone, through fax, or within the order itself, and a team will directly contact your eye care provider to verify that the information you have given us is correct. Because there is a nearly endless array of variations from one prescription to the next sites need to be certain that they are shipping you the product that is ready-made for your use.


Prescription law varies from state to state. Protocol for prescription verification is to contact your eye care provider via RXFax. We give providers eight business hours to confirm a prescription, after which time we assume the information is valid and we will begin to process your order. Prescriptions should not limit you to any specific brand or manufacturer, and U.S. Federal law mandates that your optician must release your information upon request. This grants you the ability to order contact lenses from third party sellers, the obvious benefit being the money you can save by seeking out competitively priced outlets.

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